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Tungsten Carbide

Silicon Carbide

Silicon Nitride Si3N4

Zirconia ZrO2

Alumina Al2O3

Graphite (Graphite-Metal-Alloy)

At times, where new technologies & processes are chasing new highs
almost daily, where "faster, higher, further" is required to succeed and meet
the markets expectations, Transceram provides responses due to
a unequaled material-variety and experience.

Ceramic materials as much as tungsten carbides are matching
 these requests for optimisation.

And Transceram brings them in perfect shape to meet your needs! 

Over decades, we've amassed a rich and profound developpement- and productionknowlege in hardmaterials, so keep in mind: 

Your problem - supposed chemical, electrical,
mechanical or tribological - is our daily business!

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